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Eating la Vida Global – Fallen Angel – Cusco

Fallen Angel Restaurant is the best food experience and one of the top three meals we have ever eaten. We are talking about something very special here.

How to eat like a local in Mexico

Mexican food is famous across the Globe for its colors, flavors and use of healthy ingredients. And it really tastes better in Mexico.

Eating la Vida Global – eating with locals

There is nothing like taking the opportunity to share a meal with locals when you are travelling. And Laurie from takemecooking.com is on a mission to make it much easier to achieve.

Eating la Vida Global – European Christmas Markets

From late November to the New Year a whole new world of amazing options open up to the hungry, and thirsty, traveler passing through Europe. Eating and drinking at Christmas markets is an essential part of soaking in the whole experience.

Eating la Vida Global – Portland food experiences

A clever take on humble grilled cheese sandwiches, jalapeno poppers with a delicious twist, barbecue sliders, a one bowl wonder, elephant ears and the world's best donuts are 6 food experiences that will bring us back to Portland, Oregon.