About Road Trips HQ

Travel the Road Trips HQ way

Road Trips HQ is about the way we choose to travel, which is exploring the World by car and who doesn't love a good road trip? With over 30,000 miles of road trips spread across more than a dozen countries we consider ourselves seasoned veterans of this travel style, and we want to share this passion with you.

You won't find any guides on surviving on $5 a day here, and only the rare mention of anything 5 star (if we found a massive bargain). It's not that we don't like luxury, we just want to spend our limited funds on amazing experiences and getting value for money.

Value for money travel doesn't mean only doing things if they are cheap, it means getting the most from the overall experience. We would rather stay in a decent but cheap hotel room then splurge on a helicopter landing and hike on a glacier, than blow the budget by staying in a fancy resort to only see the same glacier from our gold plated, goose down pillowed , four post bed.

Why Road Trips are the best way to see the World

We have travelled as often as time and money allowed over the past 25 years together and experienced a number of different travel styles. Small Group touring in South America, rail in Europe, and flying from city to city in Asia but we have come to realise that whenever possible a road trip gives us flexibility and value like no other travel style.

No other method gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, travel at exactly the pace you feel like or stopping to explore a hidden gem you stumble upon as you go. It also ticks the box for value for money travel if you do a bit of research.

The couple from Road Trips HQ

Meet Dean and Pauline, an Aussie couple obsessed with getting the best value out of every travel dollar and every vacation day we can find. Five years ago we started La Vida Global, which was an obvious thing to do when it came to wanting to share our adventures with family and friends, and ultimately the world.

In 2020 we felt it was time change our name to more accurately reflect what we are all about. Plus Dean forgot to renew the La Vida Global name which meant our decision was sped up a little. And so we have become Road Trips HQ.

Married for over 25 years and travelling together almost from day one, we now have about 25 countries stamped into the passports and have no intention of stopping there. Until recently we were family travellers, with our daughter Dana rounding out the group, until she decided we were slowing her down and cramping her style and now travels her own path around the world. Now it's just the two of us, so it's a good thing we like the same things... and each other!

It's also about where we prefer to travel. Sure we like to see the most famous tourist sights in the world, they are usually popular for very good reason. But give us the choice of spending an extra few days in the big city or getting out and seeing the smaller towns and we will be asking where to rent a car before the words have finished coming out of your mouth.

We seek out places with character, usually filled with history or an old world charm. We hunt for local food rather than eat at a worldwide fast food brand restaurant. And we love learning about the local people and watching them go about their day (but not in a creepy way). If there is an "Old Town" area to visit then you will probably find us there.

Road Trips HQ is also about spectacular scenery. Pauline is particularly drawn to a good waterfall but really we are in our element with anything from seascapes to sweeping plains and through to rugged mountains and unusual rock formations. Throw in a touch of snow and it makes it even better. We don't get to see snow very often so to us it is the bacon of landscape scenes, it makes them all seem better.

The People Behind the Names